2013 Kyudo Seminar, Spartanburg, SC, July 2013

Indiana Kyudo Renmei had 7 members attend the 2013 Kyudo Seminar hosted by the South Carolina Kyudo Renmei, under the IKYF. Thanks as always for the generosity and commitment of the three hanshi who travel from Japan to America for four days of special training. The weather this year, coupled with the air-conditioning, made for a very pleasant seminar. As the hanshi said, everyone put their passion and their sweat into a great experience! Congratulations to everyone who passed their test and now its time to re-invest ourselves into our training, constantly moving forwards and improving ourselves. Hope to see everyone again next time!

Asia Oceana Seminar, Nagoya Japan, April 2013

Several members of the Indiana Kyudo Renmei participated in the 2013 Asia-Oceania seminar held in Nagoya in April. There were many kyoshi and hanshi instructors and we were all very grateful to have such an excellent group of teachers for this seminar. Thank you so much to the IKYF and Aichi-ken Kyudo Renmei for the work to host this seminar. The seminar itself was a wonderful experience and we were taught so much that we can bring back and study. It is always a great time to come together with others from around the world and share our kyudo and see it spread and grow.

Congratulations to Steve Shiffman for passing 5-dan.

Before the seminar our group visited the Kikuchi dojo in Kumamoto-ken where we had several days with Matsuoka-sensei.

Past News

Spring Tournament and Memorial to Phil Swain, March 2013

We ushered in a new year and the return of warmer weather (we hope!) with a Spring Tournament back at Wadokan dojo. Our gathering had a dual occasion. It has been almost a year since Phil-kaicho passed away. He is still deeply missed. However, the dojo and the group he founded along with Takako-sensei is going strong as a living memory to all his work and his dedication to kyudo. We will all continue to study and train together improving ourselves and our art.

On Sunday, after the tournament, we gathered with Takako-sensei to remember Phil-kaicho with a prayer at the butsudan (family altar). We had a beautiful lunch afterwards and everyone enjoyed themselves. Good luck to all in training in 2013!

Noushakai, December 16th 2012

A yawatashi performance followed by tournament closed out the 2012 year for IKR at Wadokan dojo. It was cold but everyone did their best and we now prepare for 2013 and the two seminars this year in Japan and the US.


Ite - Young Park
Dai Ichi Kaizoe - Ken Tanahara
Dai Ni Kaizoe - Kristy Shiffman

Indiana Kyudo Renmei Annual Meeting, September 30th 2012

The annual meeting of IKR was held along with a tournament and a potluck lunch; accompanied by some beautiful fall colors. Everyone enjoyed the tournament and thanks to everyone for all the hard work for this event. As always we had a wonderful time with so friends and visitors at lunch. After lunch, the general meeting of IKR was held.

2012 American Kyudo Seminar, hosted by Northern California Kyudo Renmei

We had 6 members attend the 2012 AKR Seminar and everyone had a great experience. Many thanks to the NCKF for hosting the seminar and all their hard work and thanks to Akiyama-sensei, Kubota-sensei, and Sakuma-sensei, the three hanshi from Japan who instructed the seminar. We brought back a lot to study and share and will all work hard to incorporate the learning.

Congratulations to everyone who passed their testing this year.

Indiana Kyudo Renmei and Family say goodbye to Mr. Phillip Swain, president.

Phil-kaicho passed away on Monday, March 26 2012 and surely will be missed. In addition to his friends and family, 20 members of IKR from several states, and two people from Japan, came to give their last respects. He made sure we all knew how much we meant to him, just one of many examples of his strong character. In return, we can be sure he knew how much he meant to us. ....sayonara....

Spring Training, 2012

The weather has bloomed early this year and everyone has come out to shake off the cold and start practicing hard. We're all feeling 'genki' and ready to train both our body and spirt for union with the bow; looking towards this year's seminar. minna-san ganbatte kudasai! Sensei, as always, your hard work with us cannot be thanked enough.
Click here for more pictures of our training

Hatsushakai, January 15, 2012

We welcomed the new year with the Hatsushakai in some frigid midwestern weather but didn't let that stop us from an enjoyable tournament. We warmed up inside with a rousing "kanpai" and ozenzai (sweet red bean soup with mochi) It was good to see so many people come and open the new year despite the cold. Click here for more pictures

Hyakushakai, December 31, 2011

Our largest group yet came to the dojo for our traditional Hyakushakai (100 arrow shoot). The mild weather was wonderful and everyone had a similarly wonderful time, with good food and lots of shooting. Congrats to those who reached 100 arrows!

Noushakai (End of the Year Tournament), December 18th 2011

IKR closed out our training of the year with our annual Noushakai and look forward to next year!

Indiana Kyudo Renmei Annual Meeting, September 18th 2011

IKR held a tournament which included a beautiful makiwara sharei by Phil-kaicho. Congratulations to the those who placed in the tournament! Everyone brought a great variety of food and we had a delicious potluck lunch. We also had the wonderful company of some friends returning after a few years away and several friends and relatives also with us. We concluded with the general meeting in the afternoon.

2011 American Kyudo Seminar, hosted by the Minnesota Kyudo Renmei

We had a total of 13 members, including Takako-sensei, from IKR and our Nevada affiliate (Nevada Kyudo Kai) at seminar this year along with Takako-sensei. A huge thank you to sensei for all the work at seminar and for all the support and training throughout the year, along with Phil-kaicho. Thanks also to the Minnesota Kyudo Renmei for hosting a wonderful seminar! Everyone put in a lot of hard work and had some fun too. Now we all look forward to the our new learning as we jump back into our individual training.

Congratulations to:

Easter Taikai , April 24 2011

The members of Indiana Kyudo Renmei gathered for the Easter Taikai and lunch. We had a great turnout and enjoyed a fun tournament. Before we started the tournament, Phil-kaicho called for a moment of silence for the people of Japan after the earthquake/tsunami. We were able to send over a donation along with our continued throughts and prayers. After a day of fun, we are ready to study hard for the upcoming seminar. Click here for more pictures

Sensei travels to our Affiliate in Las Vegas, January 2011

Takako-sensei travelled to Las Vegas, NV to give instruction to the students at the Nevada Kyudo Kai. They had a dance studio to work in and got very creative in moving a makiwara back and forth to simulate a regular 5-person shooting group...someone sure got a lot of exercise! The younger students got lots of work on their taihai and two advanced kyudoka got to work with sensei on sharei. Click here for more pictures

Hyakushakai, Dec 31 2010

Despite being Dec 31st, the weather was wonderfully mild and we had a large group to usher in the new year with 100 arrows. Everyone did their best to do as many as possible and a few people had quite a lot of hits. Congratulations to Todd for reaching 108 arrows! It was a great day to end on and we're all looking forward to 2011.

Noushakai, Dec 19 2010

Everyone braved the cold to close out the year with our last regular tournament. Then we thawed out with a delicious lunch and wished everyone happy holidays.

2010 Indiana Kyudo Renmei Annual Meeting

The Indiana Kyudo Renmei held its annual meeting on September 19, 2010. The day opened with ceremonial shooting followed by a tournament.

Attendees of the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Kyudo Demonstration at the Indiana State Fair, August 2010

Indiana Kyudo Renmei was invited to participate in the "Bridge to Japan" exhibits at the Indiana State Fair. The kyudo demonstration included both standard practice and ceremonial style shooting at a makiwara. Click here for more pictures

Demonstration group at the Indiana State Fair

IKYF Seminar in Tokyo, April 2010

The International Kyudo Federation seminar was held at the Meiji Shrine Shiseikan in Tokyo, Japan. Five members of the Indiana Kyudo Renmei were promoted.

These promotions were accomplished despite unusually cold weather in Japan during the seminar. Congratulations to each member!

2009 Indiana Kyudo Renmei Annual Meeting

The Indiana Kyudo Renmei held its annual meeting on October 3, 2009. The event included a Makiwara Sharei in recognition of the promotion of Steven Shiffman and Kristy Shiffman to 3-dan at the 2009 National Seminar.

Attendees of the 2009 Annual Meeting.

AKR National Seminar, July 2009

The American Kyudo Seminar for 2009 was hosted by the South Carolina Kyudo Renmei. IKR members from Indiana and Nevada were able to attend.

Members of the Indiana Kyudo Renmei with the All Nippon Kyudo Federation Instructors

The Sensei, front row, left to right
Kubota-Sensei           Okazaki-Sensei           Miyauchi-Sensei

2008 American Seminar

Indiana Kyudo Renmei had eighteen members attend the 2008 American Kyudo Renmei Seminar held in Irvine, California. Of these, sixteen tested and nine members passed.

We extend our congratulations to those who passed, and our thanks to all of you who took the time and expense to attend this Seminar.

Indiana that the 3rd most members out of the seven Renmeis that attended. Great!.

Members of the Indiana Kyudo Renmei with the All Nippon Kyudo Federation Instructors

The Sensei (front row, left to right):
Miyauchi Michihiro, Instructor (Hanshi Hachi Dan)
Satake Mariko, Instructor (Hanshi Hachi Dan)
Ishii Katsuyuki, Instructor (Hanshi Hachi Dan)
Suda Sadao, Chief Instructor, (Hanshi Hachi Dan)

2007 Indiana Kyudo Renmei Annual Meeting

The Indiana Kyudo Renmei held its Annual 2007 Meeting on September 23, 2007. The event was well attended and included an all-member taikai and a Makiwara sharei demonstration by Kaicho Philip Swain.

Makiwara-sharei shoot by Kaicho Philip Swain, assisted by Jay Tuttle